Monday, February 20, 2012

On The Stanley Cup Finals in Vancouver (Before the Riots of 2011)

Taped in June 2011

It’s been a while for Vancouver.

They last won a Stanley Cup in 1915 when a team called the Millionaires of the PCHA, coached by Frank Patrick, brought home the cup after conquering over the Ottawa Senators of the NHA.

The millionaires made it back to the Finals in 1918 but then lost that year to Toronto (no nickname).

The Canucks have been in the NHL for 40 years and this is their third cup final appearance – having lost to New York teams their first two times – Islanders in 1982 and the Rangers in ’94.

We speak with Greg Douglas, a longtime fixture on the Vancouver hockey season as former PR director of Canucks.

We ask him just what it’s like to be in town these days and what it’s like for someone who has seen the town and the Canucks through thick and thin.

Editor’s Note: Taped before Game 7 and the riots.


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