Friday, June 12, 2009


Anyone that's been in our neck of the woods knows that we could have used a re-branding a long time ago.

Some good content. Multi-media. But to more than afew folks, it was more than a bit confusing.

With this in mind, we have created a new umbrella place to go. It's called

Once there, you can take a journey into Hidden America, Canada, Beer or Hockey (with others to follow).

The content and the feel, hopfully, remain. And, with any look, less confusion.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ron Ellis on Playoff Hockey & The Leafs of '67

Ron Ellis was one of the many stalwarts for the Toronto Maple Leafs teams of the mid-1960’s. He was on the last Leaf Cup winner in 1967.

In this Journey in Hockey, We speak with Ron Ellis about the playoffs, the NHL and the world then and now.


The Calder Cup Tradition

The Calder Cup is the trophy awarded annually to the playoff champion of the American Hockey League. The trophy is sadi to be the world’s second oldest (after the NHL Stanley Cup) continuous professional ice hockey championship, having first been awarded in 1937 following the 1936-37 AHL season, and continuously being awarded every year.

The cup is named after Frank Calder, who was the first president of the NHL.

In this Journey into Hockey we speak with longtime columnist AHL Bill Ballou about the history of the Calder Cup playoffs and some of its great moments over the years. There’s even a prediction for this year (See if it was correct).