Friday, October 15, 2010

Podcast: The Man They Called Mr. Goalie

With 11 All-Star team selections, three Vezina trophies, a Conn Smythe trophy, a Calder Memorial trophy and the invention of the butterfly style of goaltending to hsi name, Glenn Hall is among the premier contenders as best goaltender in National Hockey League history.

Hockey coach, and writer Tom Adrahatas has made a case that Glenn Hall is, in fact, the number one goaltender of all time.

He did so in a 2002 book “Glenn Hall – The Man They Call Mr. Goalie” Greystone Books). He is also did so with us in this “Journey into Hockey” conversation.From Detroit to Chicago to St. Louis, Glenn Hall made a difference where he played. He established a remarkable and still unbroken record of 502 consecutive games played. And that’s just for starters.

Tom Adrahatas is coached for some three decades – including teams that went to the U.S. National Championships at the Bantam AAA, Midget AAA, and Junior A levels. A longtime fan of the Chicago Black Hawks and Glenn Hall, he lives in Chicago.


Podcast: The Trail Less Traveled – The Yukon’s Dawson City to Ottawa Stanley Cup Re-enactment

On December 18, 1904 the upstart Dawson City Klondikers began their 4000-mile trek to wrest the Stanley Cup from the Ottawa Silver Seven. Twenty-four days later, after trudging 350 miles behind their dog teams, lurching and rolling down the inside passage, and whiling away endless days on the CPR, the rubber-legged, travel-worn players staggered into Ottawa’s Union Station. In less than thirty-six hours they would meet their fate against the greatest hockey team ever assembled, creating the most enduring legend in hockey history.

Ninety-two years later a team of oldtimer hockey players from Dawson City re-created that epic journey, inviting Don Reddick, American author of Dawson City Seven, to accompany them. As the team wends its way once again through the Yukon wilderness, down Alaska’s panhandle, and across the vast Canadian shield to face the Ottawa Senators Alumni, Reddick weaves his way through the history of the original games, the backdrop of the Klondike gold rush, and the characters of today’s Yukon.

Author Den Reddick tells the story of his trip as part of the re-enactment.