Monday, February 20, 2012

The Jets Recalled as the NHL Returns to Winnipeg

As the N.H.L. version of hockey is set to return to Winnipeg, we look back at the Jets.

From Bobby Hull to Swedish imports to Avco Cups to Dale Hawerchuk to White Outs to Goals For Kids to the great farewell, there were many of important moments for the Jets – from their early WHA days until the time they left town for the Arizona desert.

Our guest is Glenn Tinley, a multi-media business person in Winnipeg and publisher of The Winnipeg Jets – A Celebration of Hockey in Winnipeg (Studio Publications).

We taped this interview on the day that the announcement was made of the transfer of the Thrashers from Atlanta, so there was plenty to talk about from the Jets of the past to feelings today and hopes for the future for the folks in Winnipeg.


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