Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hockey Night in Canada’s “Best of the Best”

A few years ago, Scott Morrison and a panel of experts from CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada started a debate about the best players to wear each number. The result was fascinating and informative — and often contentious. Now, Morrison and the panel are back with a new debate sure to spark heated arguments in sports bars, dressing rooms, arenas, and even over kitchen tables: Who were the top 10 NHL players of all time for each position? Who were the top 10 coaches and general managers? Which were the greatest NHL teams ever? And who was the best of the best? Hockey Night in Canada: The Best of the Best offers an in-depth look at the players by position, coaches, general managers, and teams in both the pre- and post-expansion eras. Morrison also treats his readers to interesting details about what made these men the best of the best, while Hockey Night in Canada’s experts offer their own insights.

In this Journey into Hockey, we speak with Scott Morrison on just how you go about such a project and what insights and surprises he found along the way.


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