Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Podcast Posting: When Kenora Won the Stanley Cup

Teams have competed for the Stanley Cup for well over a century. But back there in those early days, there was no internet, no network television, and teams were not to be found in outposts such as Florida, Nashville, and Arizona.

And, one year a team called the Kenora Thsitles won the Stanley Cup.

How did the Kenora Thistles become, against all odds, the smallest team and the smallest town ever to win the Stanley Cup?

This famously scrappy hockey team was founded in the rough and tumble town of Kenora, Ontario, at the end of the 19th century. A decade later, playing far away from home, in Montreal, the fiery teenagers whom the Montreal Star dubbed “the fastest that have ever been seen anywhere on ice” out-skated and out-played their older, more experienced opponents to win the coveted hockey championship trophy.

Sports novelist John Danakas and journalist Richard Brignall teamed up in to tell the true story of the ultimate underdogs in this a little-known chapter from Canadian sports history.

In this Journey into Hockey we speak Rick Brignall about the story of Kenora and their Thistles that won the Stanley Cup.


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