Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rangers-Bruins as it once was

Think rivalries in hockey these days and thoughts come to mind of Canadiens-Leafs, Oilers-Flames, Islanders-Rangers, Rangers-Devils, and perhaps Blues-Blackhawks or Flyers-Penguins. Any others ?

How about Bruins-Rangers ? Probably not. But in its time it was the real deal.

We speak with Jay Moran about the book he has written, The Rangers, The Bruins, and The end of an Era – Tribute to A Great Rivalry (Author House, 2009).

Hard to believe this rivalry is now 30 years removed. We speak about the likes of Orr, Esposito, Ratelle, Gilbert, and even some of the lesser recalled names like John McKenzie, Phil Goyette and Donnie Marshall.

BTW, the book is worth a look just for the pictures alone, even though there is much, much more.


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