Saturday, February 14, 2009

Budd Lynch

Since the 1940’s Budd Lynch has been a fixture around and a good will ambassador for the Detroit Red Wings. If Gordie Howe is “Mr. Hockey”, is it unfair to describe Budd Lynch as “Mr. Red Wing” ?

Budd Lynch was the radio broadcast voice of the Wings from 1949 through 1975. At that time he tried to retire but was persuaded into becoming the team’s public realtions director as well as community relations director. He tried to retire again in the ’80’s but instead ended up the team’s public address anouncers for home games (which he continues today in his 90’s).

A member of the Hockey Hall of Fame and the Michigan Sports Hall fo Fame (among others), Budd Lynch shares with us some of the many big moments of his career (including the Detroit Stanley Cups of the 1950’s and 2000’s as well as being in the Montreal Forum the night of the infamous Rocket Richard riots).

This segment first aired on XM Radio in January, 2009.


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